A Wide Open Letter To: My New Readers

Hi New Readers,

It’s been some time since I last decided to pick up my fingers and start typing again, but when the world has so many jackasses on the daily, every minute… well, let’s just say that I couldn’t stay away. This blog will serve as a means for me to write more than just an open letter to the bastards bringing most people down, but to flip a bird back to those in the past; I hope they got whatever was coming to them.

On occasion there are some wonderful people, those individuals need appreciation, too. On very rare occasion, I might try to articulate my sincere gratitude for “that lady in line at Subway” or “that nice guy in the break room at work”.

Otherwise I’m probably just going to show off my extensive grammar-bending skills, overwrite sentences, let out steam using a great too many curse words, and bear the occasional bit of my soul.

I know you’ll relate, enjoy, or completely hate me. I really don’t care what you permeate: just feel something!




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